9 comments on “2013 Arches NP, May 6 & 7

  1. It’s nice to see photos taken in weather conditions other than perfect blue sky, white clouds. Stay dry and watch out for that frozen white stuff!

    • Thanks, Sally, I saw it as an opportunity to get something other than the clear sky shots. Better not be any frozen white stuff here! there is plenty on the mountains, though.

  2. Don’t know if you remember…I picked your brain last July about your trip to the northwest as I was heading up there..Horst Kelly here..did not realize you had started a blog…Lynn from Casita in the Desert, Casita in the Mtns. wrote me and said you had a blog…I like your layout and as I said last year…GREAT Photography…your Slot Canyon Photo’s are “top shelf”…I was there in ’08…and hope to get back there soon…I now am a follower of your Adventures…BTW I put your site on my Blog Listing…Horst sends

    • Yes, Horst, I do remember you. Thanks for the kind words. The slot canyons are a fantastic place to do some different photography. It was great fun and Lionel is a knowledgeable tour guide.

  3. Loved the contrast between the perfect-light photos and the stormy ones. The bottom photo is my favorite… enhanced by the shadow.

    How are the dogs handling the traveling?

    • Thanks Sharon. It was interesting to take the photos before/during/after the storm, haven’t done that before. The dogs are doing very well, they love camping and being with me and are very quiet so not a problem to leave on occasion.

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