4 comments on “2013 Moab, UT, wanderings

  1. Fantastic shots Jean, you’ve started my day off wonderfully, thanks. The sunlit holes give pause for thought.

    • Thanks Sally. I was so pleased to notice the rock with the holes in it. Reminds me to look everywhere, not just at the obvious, and that you can find happy surprises where you’d least expect.

  2. The petroglyphs are so clear. I was intrigued by the scale of the hunter to the bear. I also like to try to go back in time and imagine the ancient peoples’ daily lives.

    Did the pamphlets say whether the artwork had to do with their religious beliefs, or were they just depicting their world and events in their lives? I’d guess both.

    As impressive as the petroglyph photos were, the holes in the rock are what really resonated with me. They have such graceful, fluid form.

    • I expect that bear to hunters drawing wasn’t to scale but who knows? The pamphlets really don’t give any idea about the artwork’s meanings or relevance. You’re right about the gracefulness of the holes in the rock, very smooth. Noticing them was an added bonus to the trip.

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