8 comments on “2013 Goblin Valley SP, UT

  1. What great photos. I especially loved the Goblins at night. The red in the rocks just bursts from the computer screen!
    Great photos, Jean.

  2. The light painting is neat, but gives no sense of scale, just how large are these creatures. I love the sunset Goblin with the Mickey ears who is offering up a token to the Sun God.

    • The goblins vary from maybe 3′ to over 10′. I guess it would help to have someone to stand beside one to get a sense of size. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

    • Thanks, I have a hand held lamp that is 1 million candlepower (or something like that). The battery wasn’t at full power that night, either. It takes some practice to know how much to use the light, and there are some photos that aren’t any good.

  3. Love the photos. My favorites are late afternoon sun on the Goblins and Sunrise. Just beautiful!

    I’m curious about the source of light on the night photo, too. 🙂

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