6 comments on “2013 Capitol Reef NP, last day/night

  1. What a superb job of capturing the texture of the rock in the first photo.

    The moonlit rockscape with the stars intrigues me. It’s unexpected. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sharon. The little nooks & crannies, all so smooth, in the rocks are fascinating. The night shots are fun to do, each night is different.

  2. I love the red rocks, but these are very interesting, especially the ones with the holes. The night photos are also favorites. I am surprised you were able to capture the stars, clouds, and the rocks so clearly in the evening. Great photos, Jean!

    • Thanks, Gail. I went out that night around 10 pm, was out until after 11. The light on the rocks is all moonlight, it is getting brighter every night, making the night shots somewhat easier, but it also means fewer stars are evident.

  3. It will very interesting to see what you capture with the full moon on the 25th. Do you know yet where you will be? Interesting also about the different shades of red and the length of the reef.

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