8 comments on “2013 Grand Tetons, 2

  1. Wow Jean those are once in a lifetime shots !! I know you are having fun.Wishing I was there too . LOL I am enjoying your blog

    • Thanks, Jan. We had such fun in 2010. I’m back in Yellowstone but at Madison cg for a few days, will get over to the other side of the park later this month.

  2. Dear Jean,
    These photos are fantastic! I love the Teton Sunset, and I long to see the Milky Way again as I did as a child. You bull moose photo (My best side.) is so cute. I hope your dogs like the cool weather.

    • Thanks, Gail. 2 trips to the Tetons and that is the best sunset yet. I love getting the night shots and seeing and photographing the Milky Way is really special. Sure never saw it in NH or FL. Was fun to see that bull several times, he gave me lots of opportunities for unique photos. The dogs are doing fine, the love the traveling, are so easy going, and great company, too. they’ve manage to find all the prairie dog holes near where we are camped at Madison, but at least the holes aren’t within 5′ of the trailer door.

  3. Love the Tetons sunset. It’s gorgeous.

    And the Milky Way. Sometimes I forget it’s there as I rarely see it. But when I do get a view of it, I just get lost in it! How special to be able to photograph it!

  4. GREAT shots…the Tetons are special!!!…thats where I was one morning looking for a moose and saw two baby cubs bears in a tree….it doesn’t get any better then that….I’m really enjoying your adventure!!!…..and Photo’s….have a super weekend…Horst

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