10 comments on “2013 Yellowstone NP, 1

  1. Dear Jean,
    More wonderful photos from you. I am anxious to see the next 5 days’ photos as well. Yellowstone offers so much to photographers. Let’s hope the bison, bears, etc., all cooperate for you. I am anxious to see your photos of the phenomena Yellowstone offers as well. I am sure you know the history of this enormous caldera that is Yellowstone. Thanks for the photos.

    • Thanks, Gail. Being on this side of the park for a few days really drives home the fact that it is an active volcano. Bubbling mud, hot springs, geysers, can’t get much more active without it blowing its top.

    • I agree, Sharon, it was pure luck. Just wish I’d realized what I was seeing and had taken more photographs, stayed out later, etc. but what I got is better than missing it.

  2. Awesome, Jean. Experiencing the Northern Lights is a major event on my bucket list, that I hope to fulfill before I pass from this world. To see them from Yellowstone would be even better.

    • I’ve seen the Northern lights before (grew up in New England) but haven’t seen them for many years. I thought being up here might raise the odds and then the sun cooperated by having a big flare which sparked them off on the 7th. thanks to my interest in capturing the Milky Way I was in the right place at the right time! I’m now checking on the www to see if any more flares are reported……

  3. Oh wow what an exciting find !!Hope you get to see them again and get more pictures.I saw them once many year ago in North Carolina of all places.

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