12 comments on “2013 Yellowstone NP, Scenics and bison

  1. Dear Jean,
    What fun to have a bison come right up to your truck for a quick lick. I wonder what he tasted. Thanks for all the photos.

  2. Jane, you have seen so much incredible stuff, sure wish I could tag along, (but since I can’t this will have to do) Love the baby Bison licking the truck, what did the dogs think if it? Your photos also are so incredible you rock girlfriend. I sure hope our paths will cross again someday.

    • Hi Cindi, thanks for your kind words. It was so nice to meet you outside Moab. The dogs were probably back in the trailer snoozing and totally oblivious to what was going on. This trip has been great fun and I definitely would like to get back to Moab and Arches.

  3. Hi Jean,
    How wonderful to have been kissed by a Bison, and on both cheeks at that! Do you think it was attracted in some way to the scent of your dogs? Have been enjoying all of your adventures, thanks for giving us the opportunity to relive some of our trips thru your lens.

    • I doubt it had anything to do with the dogs but I had just washed the truck a couple of days before and maybe there was a lingering attractive smell/taste from that? Who knows what motivates those critters?! I’m so glad you have been enjoying the photos.

  4. Can’t believe he licked the truck! Amazing! Glad that he did not try to eat it.

    Great pictures…..so glad you are blogging them.
    Safe travels!

    • Thanks, Lynne. When the bison got that close I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, could have been worse than a few licks. I guess he can now boast ” I sure licked that truck, didn’t I?!

  5. The top photo is one of the funniest ones I’ve ever seen. Were you nervous? Or just intrigued?

    The bottom photo looks like an exquisite painting.

    • I was mainly intrigued, when he got close it was sort of obvious what he was doing, though I have no idea why. Tanks for your kind words about the photos, it is a joy to share them with friends.

  6. GREAT area…when I was there last year I got a little “rainbow” effect at the waterfall…Didn’t see the Number of Bison your seeing…your post and super photo’s are making me want to hitch it up and head northwest…thanks for sharing…Horst sends

    • I have taken photos of the rainbow on the Lower Falls and they are in my shutterfly collection (www.borderbrae.shutterfly.com) but the times I was there this year it was too cloudy, unfortunately.

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