6 comments on “2013 Heading home, June

  1. Don’t tell me its over…what a GREAT trip and the photography was “Gallery Quality”…I really enjoyed the ride…I started my road trip to on the way to Charleston SC to get the Gkids….Have a safe trip home…thanks for sharing your adventure!!…Horst sends

    • Thanks for your kind words, Horst. Yep, all good things come to an end, but boy oh boy, do I have some ideas for the next trip. Wish I could head right back out there in some ways, on the other hand it will be really hot now so I’ll stay home with the AC going and process the photos. The blog is a new thing for me and if you all enjoyed it nearly as much as I did it was a success.

  2. Dear Jean,
    I was in Dallas and missed your latest missives and photos until I returned. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos and the commentary. You do everyone a great favor by what you present to us.

    • Gail, thanks so much! A large part of the joy in such a trip is sharing it with friends and while you weren’t by my side physically you were all in my thoughts.

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