5 comments on “2013 Night Images

  1. I am happy to see you taking night photos. I love the storm over the Gulf photo. You must tell us how you captured the meteor photo. It is good to have you home. I have really enjoyed your photos of your trip out West.

    • Thanks, Gail. The night images are very interesting, no 2 the same. I’ve learned a lot more about the night sky since I got interested in it. The meteor image is one of about 20 I took, just set the camera on the tripod, set for 30 sec. exposures and keep it going. There are 2 more images with meteors (you can see the second meteor in the star trail image), but the 3rd one is only visible if you really enlarge the image, it is very faint.

  2. Super shots….like you, my meteor shots where nil here in south Texas… You mention Cedar Key….is that where you are from…I was there 3 years ago…had followed the blog of Pat and Cindy who decided to take a break and now have the Low -Key Hideaway…stayed there for a week and had a great time with them…was just wondering….Take Care..Horst sends

    • Thanks, Horst. I’m about 1 1/2 hours south of Cedar Key so going there at night to take photographs is always an adventure. The actual site we go to is about 4-5 miles north of Cedar Key, right on the water and a great find for us, but out in the boonies.

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