4 comments on “2013 UK Game Fair and a visit to Shrewsbury

  1. Oh my, I want one of those gorgeous horses, even if only in my dreams. Were you able to take any video of the jousting? Looks quite fearsome in your picture. And those gardens, wow, the weather sure makes a difference, beautifu

  2. The horse was quite impressive, could move a lot like a Lippizaner , moves useful when facing a bull in the ring. Didn’t get any video and regretted that after the fact. Jousting and other stuff the did was interesting and the commentator provided running comments, explanations, etc.

    Shrewsbury won a gold award in the Beautiful Britain contest and the city has flowers all around . I’m always impressed with the wonderful hanging baskets you see here, so many lovely flowers & colors.

  3. Love reading about the UK….. makes me want to visit! I remember you saying that this is not your first trip….can you share what draws you back for this visit?
    Looking forward to seeing you at Cherokee!

    • Thanks, Lynne, we do enjoy visiting here, a lot! We visit places we’ve been and always try to mix in a few new places, too. I look forward to seeing you both next month!

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