10 comments on “2014 Southwest Cliff Dwellings

  1. My dad so loved Canyon de Chelly, especially Spider Woman Rock, and that is where his ashes are, blown by the winds around her base. The area is beautiful with a fresh fallen snow and early morning light.

  2. I love Canyon DeChelly…you stayed at the Navajo Campground down in the canyon? I had a very fast rim tour when I visited, I wanted to stay a few days…and hope to be able to visit again,,,,the photo of spider rock is spectacular!!

    • Hi Sondra, I’m camping at Cottonwood cg, right below the visitor’ scented.. Really nice with great trees for shade but enough su so I can use the solar panel a lot, too. Thanks for your kind words about the Spider Rock image, I just take the images, nature does the creating.

  3. This was one of my favorite places when we went out there. Loved it! Come home soon. I need a cheat sheet for night photography and you are the expert!

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