8 comments on “2015 Bosque del Apache, getting there

  1. Jean

    Beautiful pictures as always. As a Yankee, I soon learned after my transplantation to Texas that eau de oil and eau de feed lot is better known as eau de money.

    Safe travels.

    Chuck & Sheryl

  2. Thank you for sharing…we were at the Virgin Campground in Az when we saw the big bright moon, Same as you hoping it was an indication for a great trip. We hope to finally leave Calif tomorrow after they install the mud flap/guard so it will keep the rocks off the new car and Windows. Talk to you soon Cindi


    • Glad your trip is going well. This is quite the place. While sitting in the trailer today I saw a roadrunner and some quail and this evening the dogs spotted 2 rabbits. I’d love to get a photo of the roadrunner so will keep watch.

    • Thanks, Donna, yes should be a good month. Heavy frost last night, ice in the windshield this morning . I went to Walmart and got a good scraper and some pray on de-iced. Should have that stuff in the truck anyhow with some of the traveling I do so now I’my ready!

  3. Not only did we experience eau de oil, but we also received a great coating of oil on the truck and Casita while traveling the same area back in August. Hard to realize there are so many wells, even when you see them horizon to horizon. Looking forward to seeing more great photos. Are you going to be in the area all Winter?

    • I’ll have to check the truck and trailer but I don’t recall thinking either one looked especially dirty after the drive through oil country. Glad you like the photos. So far cloudless skies here so no sunsets. On the other hand I’m getting to work on capturing the Milky Way.

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