6 comments on “2015 Bosque del Apache, variety

  1. I enjoy your posts very much. I should have asked you again how you produce this. It’s a great way to keep in touch while on a trip. kren


    • Hi Kren, thanks! The wordpress blog is free, you just have to sign up, pick a format you like (lots to choose from) and start doing it. It took me a bit of time to get used to it because I’d never done a blog but it isn’t that hard.

  2. Rick is so envious, he can hardly stand it!!! He said when we move back to Santa Fe that is the first thing to do.! We finally got out of Calif yesterday, wow.had to go back to Camping world the braking system didn’t work..who knew we would spend our vacation there lol. We spend the night in Quartzside, Az, cute town, guess this the time to come, in a few months is the swap meet and mineral show of the world.. They expect 40 thousand people..yikes!! We will spend a few days here, Rick is getting so much better putting the RV into camping mode. We are going out today to see a wild life refuge. Thanks again for the most awesome pic..you rock chickadee… Miss ya sista Cindi


    • This is a great place and this little campground while not fancy is soooo handy to Bosque! Rick you be so happy here. I’m told the cranes and geese are here over the winter so I may stop back after the New Year when we’re back out this way. 40k people doesn’t sound like a lot of fun at all! I noted that wildlife refuge, will be interested to hear what you think of it. Glad you got the RV sorted out, take care!

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