7 comments on “2015 Bosque del Apache, 3rd post

    • Thanks, Cindi! This is quite a a place. I know when you and Rick get here sometime you will really enjoy it.

  1. You’re capturing the best of the best! Enjoying the stories and photos so much! Thank you for being out there!



  2. Magnificent photo’s!!!!..I’m thinking that will be on a trip in the near future….the last photo is spot on…that could be on any photo magazine cover! Thanks for sharing..I think you’re having more fun than is legal.. :)..Horst sends

    • Thanks , Horst, that means a lot coming from you! It is really great here for sure. I understand the birds are there until Feb. or March and I hope to return before they head out. I’m sure you’d enjoy it!

  3. Agree with Horst about you having fun! Enjoying the enlarged photos now that I can click on them and my touch screen lets me enlarge them even more.

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