8 comments on “2016 Goosenecks SP, Utah

  1. Incredible images- and new found friends too! I love keeping in touch with this email! Enjoy it all!



  2. What a great place….a few years ago it was free, but I still enjoy going there…since you’re in the area another place I enjoy is Sand Island…in Bluff…..its a BLM ot National Forest CG….price is right and they have some sites right on the San Juan…and its kind of a central point to alot of “Stuff”….safe travels and keeps those great posts and photos coming…Horst sends

    • Thanks Horst. Yes, Sand Island was my backup if Goosenecks was full. It sounds like I should give Sand Island a try sometime. I’m down near MV now and hope to get out tonight for some images.

  3. We really like goosenecks. We’re at the North Rim for a few more days, then Arizona bound. Have fun, and post those pictures. 🙂

    • Hi Jerry & Wanda, good to hear from you. The astronomer (George) I met at Goosenecks is headed to the Grand Canyon for a Star Party, check out the info at the visitors center. I think he said they’ll be at the North Rim then the South Rim. Safe travels!

    • Thanks Maxine, glad you’re enjoying the photos. From what I hear about temps at home I’ve traded hot and humid for hot and dry. Take care

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