4 comments on “2016 Glacier NP, 2016

    • thanks, Lynne. I do love the night work. I forgot to mention in the post, on the way back to the campground I came around a curve and there was a grizzly bear running down the road in front of me. It veered off into the brush on the right pretty quickly. It was a reminder they are around, Many of the pullouts in this park have woods around them so the Bears can be close.

  1. Hey Jean, it was good to meet you in Glacier. Nice pics! It was sooooooo windy late Sunday night into Monday I had to bring in my slides on the rv. It was a rough drive to Great Falls monday.

    • Thanks! It was nice to meet you, too. Always fun to meet up with fellow photographers. Yes it was very windy here, too, it has finally stopped but still overcast. Saw another grizzly today, feeding in the bushes. Got a couple of shots but nothing spectacular. Travel safe.

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