2 comments on “2017 Chaco Cultural National Historical Park

  1. Good report and photos…I guess I need to make another effort to get there….though I think your southern route sounds less of a washboard than my off of 55 route…and what make and model of snake is that meandering by your solar(?) :)) . safe travels and keep those great photos coming….Horst sends

  2. Thanks Horst. Route 57 was hard packed dirt and very few short sections of washboard. I found if I could get one set of tires off the washboard it wasn’t nearly as bad, too. I wouldn’t do it when wet. That was a bull snake and since the solar is about 4′ long I think the snake was between 4 & 5′ long. They are good snakes, eating rodents, etc. I first saw it sticking about a foot out if it’s burrow, I’d love to know how it made that burrow! It wasn’t using one made by something else.

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