6 comments on “2017 Lamar Valley, 1

  1. Hi Jean, Another one of those great trips!! Am so glad you have this blog. What do you mean by ,’severely limited or impossible to do safely ‘? Are you not allowed to get out of your car? Deb


  2. Thanks, Deb. Very often there isn’t even a small turnout, the room to pull over is very limited, add to that the fools who literally stop in the road and things can get messy fast. Sometimes you come up to a jam and there is no option but to drive on, once the way is clear. In general you can get out, if you can park safely, but if the animal( or animals as in several bison, etc.) are headed towards the cars sometimes a ranger, if one is there, will tell you to get back in your vehicle. I don’t wait for that, I’ll get in the truck and let other folks take the risk. These are wild animals and i understand and respect that. It never ceases to amaze me the people who apparently think the animals are tame or Disney animatronics creations.

  3. When we were at Yellowstone we saw crazy people walking toward bison to get a picture. Crazy!! These are wild animals and if they feel threatened they will attack. Its good to have a good zoom lens!!
    Great pics!! Love the bear shots!!

  4. Looks like Yellowstone is starting to go full tilt….The Bear photo’s are terrific…Thanks for sharing…You are having a heck of a great trip and good time of year…Safe journey..Horst sends

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