5 comments on “2017 Yellowstone NP, Hayden Valley

  1. Great shots, though I really like the bison swimming in the river? Have never seen that before. The bear shots came out nice, as did the falls shot. Thanks for sharing…I think I now will try a Spring trip next year…it’s like a whole new landscape and the animals seem to be more active, coming out of their winter “lodgings”..Take care and safe travels..Horst sends

  2. Thanks, Horst. I’ve seen them cross the rivers often. Watched a cow with a calf cross in Lamar Valley and the calf drifted quite a ways down the river but it made it out. The rivers were all flowing high and strong. Spring is a good time to be there. If you want to be in Canyon Village cg you’ll need to make reservations 7 or 8 months in advance. I was there for opening day and the campground was full every night.

  3. You’ve got to love those foreigners that think the rules don’t apply to them. One was flying a drone on Angels Landing in Zion two years ago. Enjoying your journey…jc

  4. Their lack of respect for our National Parks and their inability to follow simple rules of the road when driving are not compensated for by the money the spend in the parks as far as I’m concerned. But enough politics, just frustrating at times and dangerous at others (like when they run stop signs). Other than that it was a good trip! Met some nice folks and got to see the Aurora again.

  5. Prettty amazing to see that wolf! I didnt realize what color variation there was. Agree, swimming bison, another treat. The potential of drones to harrass wildlife is appalling. I hope the bigger raptors learn to knock them out of the sky!

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