6 comments on “2017 Teton Stars, Moose and Snow

  1. Wow, what a place! Moose would be a thrill. Nice work, Jean. Your patience paid off. I spent two weeks around Lake Tahoe, an area I had never seen before. My best wildlife shots were chipmunks, and the bear running away from my neighbors picnic table. But, I love the granite and bonsai trees, you can never have too many tree pictures, right?

    Left because my Casita battery was not charging and i needed to put in to dry dock till I figured out the problem. Also, I am a cold wimp! So parked in my Moms driveway for now, just in time to chase away the phone scammers and take her to the dr.

    Heading to Southern Oregon next, now the smoke has finally cleared. You going to the Grand Canyon this fall?

    Thanks for the great photos, as always, Sandy

    • Thanks, Sandy. It’s always interesting to watch the moose and how they interact. Was great to see the cow and calf, too, and get a few images of them. There were a lot of folks watching them and after the second day she left that area, she wasn’t comfortable there.

      Travel safe

  2. I’ve been to the Tetons/Jackson Hole twice – amazing place and well worth the journey from the UK. Last time we were there he traffic came to a standstill as everyone got out of their cars to take photos, it’s great that locals and visitors are as equally obsessed. We even saw one on the piste. We were going up in a gondola and saw one on the piste, we were safe, but I bet it gave some skiers one hell of a shock!

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