4 comments on “2020 Whitewater Draw, final

  1. Lucky you spotting those owls! We have them nesting on the farm but the Barreds are more numerous! Your pictures as always are incredible!


    • Hi,

      The GHOs have been there for the last 3 years. If I go back and they are not there I‘ll be very disappointed. Thanks for your kind words about my images, I love taking them and sharing them

  2. Jean…I’ve been a little remiss in not leaving comments lately. What a MAGNIFICENT trip, as usual your photo’s are superb!! My two favorite places are the Tetons and Superstitions ….however the owl photo’s made me envious. May this coming year be your most enjoyable ever…thanks for sharing and safe travels!!! Horst sends

  3. Good to hear from you Horst. Thanks for your kind words! It was my first trip to the Superstitions and I will return, wonderful country. Makes me respect the Native Americans who lived in that area so much, not an easy life there! Safe travels to you, too.

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