Yellowstone NP, part 1

2 comments on “Yellowstone NP, part 1

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. We are going to be in YNP and GTNP in a few weeks. I’m extremely anxious to capture Milky Way galaxy shots. I had no idea the Northern Lights reached there, too. Wow, between sunrise and night time shots, when am I going to sleep?!

    • Milky Way is sort of in the eastern sky right now but moving upward. If you can get a nice foreground, like mountains, etc. that will be really impressive. Would love to have gotten the Tetons with the MW above but they are to the west and MW to the east….. just keep your eyes open for good foregrounds for night shots.

      The Northern Lights were a real bonus and only happened because of a major solar flare on June 7, if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have seen them. That said, if you are out at night keep your eyes open, you never know when another flare will happen. Reading up on them indicates that they peak every 11 years and this year is a peak year, so you may get lucky.

      Have a great trip, I was in Glacier in 2010, would like to go back. Feel free to email me if you have any quesitons.

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